Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Till yesterday afternoon I knew I will blog on this platter today.... my readers believe it or not... this platter was done and served about two weeks back .... however I felt I will blog on it today! Then  I came across something and got skeptical.... should I or should not? Then I felt.... if I have decided I will go ahead with it, I will... "ghar tyara!"If my readers have watched the movie Sonata directed by Aparna Sen ..... you can identify me with a particular character trait of the role played by Aparna herself ..... I am not comfortable or say I have severe allergies towards "unwanted" touches..... "wanted" ones I welcome.... BORBOTI ALOOR TORKARI O DAL POROTA should go ahead today! Now, my touches too can be considered unwanted by others.... they can react and I do not mind that.... Even I do the same to my husband .... shout at him..... your "adorer manush".... dear people need not be my dear ones and a vice versa is welcome! So it makes me think the ordeal of a woman, a kid as young as three years old when they are raped.... animals are in a better position than women.... a birth of a calf is consensual, not of all human kids!.... I see a couple of male protagonists around me who share so many sincere posts every five minutes, you will not see them sharing a single post on women's ordeal, may be it is not that much of an issue to be bothered of. Uff, how much I wish to share my selfies every other day in social media, no point you know unless you have a pointed nose, doe eyes, lips like orange segments, skin as smooth as that of an eggplant.... haha that proves how much I love egg plants! No one on this earth is born to see the wrinkles on my forehead, the silvery head is turning bald now.... I never knew some love me so much so that they are praying hard for my total hair loss.... Well do I have a nose at all?... or two holes instead?.... how the mother laments till date... "koto tel malish korlam tobu holona naak".... I scold her harder... you should have used clips instead !.... So, being "jealous" of the "fairer" people of both genders is quite but natural for me! To the people who have a different notion of me, accept the truth... I am a "mean"..... So the sad me does what suits my nature, something I love! I go for long, brisk walks and click without knowing anything about photography! Back in 2011, someone told me S buy a DSLR and learn photography from the internet not knowing perhaps I cannot operate the keypad properly! I do not see such people around me anymore only because of my "unapologetically truthful" nature may be! When they construe me as "Saddhi Devi Maa".... I appear as something else, what, what, what?... I cannot call myself a "nagin"... either.... I am so scared of my "Sher" protagonist friends Joydip & Suchandra Kundu .... far from being a sparrow or a parrot either! Well, lets get it simple and admit .... "I am miserable at hiding feelings".... so loss of people close around will increase with every passing day! I do not mind so long I get to see and relive my childhood memories on my walk way .... "Bokul Phool".... a little girl saw her mother collecting this rare flower on yam leaves... a shot freezed for ever! "Batabi Lebur Jhar".... have you ever tried pomelo with toasted chilli flakes, black salt and two drops of mustard oil?... try!.... and then a "Babui Pakhir Basha?".... perhaps! This is how I freeze loving moments, hence keeping loved ones closer to me! It helps you know... does not invite controversies or flaks... unless you are storming in to their homes... If you are self respecting you will not do that.... you will not exercise your authority on people if you were being denied of it! There are better ways to keep them by your side to which people should not have a problem... even if they have... you should not care! To the males.... beware of women like me.... once you get "us" home, you will know your freedom is gone and you are mine!

It is always wise to do some weight trainings after a cardio! Before entering the gym, one should not have ate anything for the past two hours at least ! Yesterday was an exception... I hardly follow rules.... I had a cup of "teh tarik" without sugar and my favourite cookie! Milind Soman is sure to ban me from his page.... No I did not like his  recent profile picture .... I respect the Ironman in him, the feet that crossed miles .... his "bare chest" is for his cutie girl friend to enjoy! Then I do some circuit training and floor exercises .... finish off and have a healthy lunch too....  "soto ayam" sans the yellow noodles.... chicken stew kind of! All my efforts to avoid carbs to get slimmer ends up there... where?... you will see later in this post itself.... a recipe share full of carb!... BORBOTI ALOO R TORKARI O DAL POROTA!

These days what I see around in my country of birth worries me, angers me so much so that I feel like blogging on breads, cookies, cakes, sago mango or chilli crab, if only I was a master cook, sigh!.... I feel like screaming " jei deshe ashi shotangsho manush ashikkhito.... shei deshe dharma o rajniti niye lorai kora aproyojonio".... a country where the basic needs of the illiterate majority are denied, not today but for decades... what is there to fight over religion and politics? I follow a page called "Milaap".... and can feel how fortunate I am! Till date I have not made any financial contribution as I have reservations on transferring money to unknown funds.... see if you can rise above the self-centric me! I am not a good soul who does not usually forget "foul mouths" meted out to her.... family to her is not always the kin! Wrong doers forget.... victims like me do not..... I do not disown but decide alone who to hug how tight and when! Anyway, you cannot turn your face away from your mother, in this case your motherland.... so a BORBOTI ALOO R TORKARI O DAL POROTA is a natural choice! I am not so fond of borboti or long beans!.... and you know how difficult it is to feed my men a vegetarian bowl.... it is like doing three sets of thirty planks, I can manage only ten in a day! So, there had to be some South Asian flat breads to pair with it and off course chicken alongside! Borboti or long beans were used to be fried with potato sans the spices or used in mixed veggies in the family earlier .... I did not like any! This island supplies you very fresh ones, not every week do I travel five metro stations to get my favourite "echor & mocha".... green jack fruit and banana blossom.... the husband is allergic to wet markets.... Yet, the wife cooks mutton biryani for him and his monkey!.... May be she has a weak point or may be he has a great point in him.... who knows? .... Remember autobiographies are also novels with "little truth in it."....

So you know in between kettle bells, soups and a mutton biryani dinner .... lies the secret of having a "wonder physique" like me.... "58kg @ 4'10" height".... I do not like people similar to me.... so you will have biryani once every two months! In between the above four steps.... there were few  others.... I feel very tired but satisfied this morning.... shall share the recipe soon, "fotu" ready! Though tired, I very much wished to share this particular platter today... BORBOTI ALOO R TORKARI O DAL POROTA.... Yes, I spiced up the borboti to make it lovable, mothers are not always the best! Dal Porota is not an authentic Bengali thing, do not create a ruckus .... spell it paratha.... thats it! The morons had the veggie dish only when allured with a chicken curry ... else one would have had the dal porota just like that and the other with pickle and raita! I indeed live with difficult people, life is still good!

If you can digest my trash, you can take a look at the following recipes too, just click on the headings :



INGREDIENTS : [for the long bean and potato veggie]

Long Bean : 5-6
Potato : 2medium
Tomato Paste : 1/2small cup
Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Cumin Powder : 1/2tsp
Coriander Powder : 1/2tsp
Garam Masala Powder : 1/3tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Salt : As Required
Dry Red Chilli : 1
Cumin Seed : 1/4tsp
Baking Powder : A pinch
Oil : 2tbsp

INGREDIENTS : [for the dal porota]

Boiled Masoor Dal : 1medium cup [red lentil]
Whole Wheat Flour : 1coffee cup
Chopped Coriander : 2small cup
Carom Seed : 1tsp
Cumin Seed : 1tsp
Chopped Green Chilli : 2-3
Chopped Onion : 1/2small cup
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Salt : Little
Ghee : 3tbsp +1tbsp for each flat bread


Let us do the vegetable dish first!

Peel and wash the potatoes, cut half and then cube as you wish... good if cut lengthwise.

Discard the two ends of the long beans.... "accha ashh charanor ingriji ki?".... You see I never got more than 60% in English. Cut them lengthwise and wash.

Take the potatoes and long beans in a bowl. Add salt and turmeric, mix well.

Heat oil in a wok and temper with cumin seeds and halved dry red chillies. Add the tomato paste and stir for 2 minutes.

Add the dry spice powders except the garam masala and salt... stir for half a minute!

Add the marinated vegetables, fold in well. Add a pinch of baking powder to retain the colour!

Cover cook for 8-10 minutes stirring in between! Add the garam masala, fold in well and cook furthermore for 2-3 minutes. We are done! Transfer to a serving bowl!

For the dal paratha dough, take all the ingredients along with 3tbsp ghee in a bowl.

Mix well and knead well till we get a soft and smooth dough! Add more of the boiled dal if required but not water, we lose taste that way.

Keep covered for 15-20 minutes before you knead again for 1 minute or so. Tear off tennis ball size portions and roll out round parathas with help of a rolling pin.

Heat griddle/ tawa / pan on gas top! Fry each paratha, both sides well with help of 1tbsp ghee!

We enjoyed the platter of BORBOTI ALOO R TORKARI O DAL POROTA with homemade stuffed chilli pickle and chicken curry alongside....

Sunday, 18 March 2018


Going ahead with a non-vegetarian share today may not seem wise to some of my readers / friends.... there is a celebration in some parts of India, supposedly an all vegetarian day for them. Then, it is also not possible to keep everyone happy at the same time! If my friends are already on with some vegetarian shares that suits the occasion, I can go ahead with a non vegetarian share as good as this SHORSHE NARKOL BATA POMFRET without much guilt. A vegetarian lunch over the weekend for a Bengali is as weird as S been seen on a lunch date with an alien who she is very fond of! She is fond of few other things, people..... so fond of that she even interferes in to their personal lives and say when did you start loving yellow so much? If you have loved it, know that it does not go well with a red contrast... a green or a blue contrast is a better option! No, they do not batter you with social media posts after that.... and we enjoy some fun moments together through messages. Though the husband scolds me for interfering in to people's lives, I assure him.... "trust me, I do not exercise it on everyone but only on them who do not make an issue out of anything and everything."..... I am very comfortable with such people with whom I can be me, speak without mincing words, who do not suffer from an "I am the best" syndrome.... They do deserve some "maach-bhaat" from me today! Sharing a fish dish today is also not been wise to the Gujarati brother duo whose musical extravaganza I attended yesterday.... Amit & Anand Dhamelia.... they had been my colleagues for two years and I usually attend their programmes.... yet I cannot go ahead with a Dal Dhokli share today.... why? I very recently learnt, there is something called protocol..... this time between me and them.... there are many heads... pros and cons, regions and groups. I am not the person who will spend an inch of her thought on such silly matters.... I went, I sat alone, I met some friends, I enjoyed the show, I filled in my heart and came back home alone a little before midnight.... Yes, you read it right... "alone at midnight!"..... My present home that ensured me a hassle free life had to be kept close today.... Pomfret is their favourite but not SHORSHE NARKOL BATA POMFRET. When did I say that the anti-national me forgot my roots! One lady  is absent from the scenario at present, does not mean that she will not scold me for blogging on a noodles pakora... "S, what you said and what you are doing does not match!".... Well, I have every right to justify myself.... "kabhi kabhi karni parti hai".... Coming to the brother duo, they eat & live Indian music.... Anyone in this island who are reading this ..... if you wish to take some music lessons [vocal or instrument] or book them for a programme.... please do contact their respective FaceBook pages in the same names.... Amit Dhamelia & Anand Hargovind Dhamelia.... Why did not I share it on my stream? Well, I do not have time to invite unnecessary complications in my life, I simply hate it! .... I am instead enjoying humming "Dil Khudgarz Hai, Fisla Hai Yeh Phir Haath Se".... I totally enjoy KK & James' numbers when I go for my walks! I remotely remember this Pritam Mukherjee and Anindya Chaterjee and rest were in the same band initially and until Pritam chose Bollywood! I also remember, even before that how we cheered for Anindya... Upal and team, following them at every fest that took place in almost all the Kolkata based Universities, Colleges, Medical Colleges and the Science Colleges except for one Science College, do not even remember it hosted one or not!.... It was  my conscious decision but ! ... "Gate Crashing" is not a wise habit, I hate to be anyone's second thought either.... "har dil ko khudgarz honi hi chahiye".... Anyway, Anindya or Upal accepts it or not, we are still "Caledonians" ..... and a SHORSHE NARKOL BATA POMFRET "banta hai"..... well not all of us Caledonians eat fish!

Why I am even sharing something that the demon husband and his son loves? Yesterday, while he dropped me at the venue, I conveyed him a "sanctioned" flying kiss, instead of accepting it and before I could explain how Aamir Khan kissed his wife publicly, the moron husband shouted at me.... Wifeeee.... the next car will crush you under the wheel.... goooo! The wife decided on way back home to travel alone, even elope with anyone who offers! The silver streaks were visible in the dark more and there was no such offer, sigh!....... The disheartened but a wise me came back home.... "there is perhaps no one on earth who will clean me with so much care when I throw off after extreme nausea".... The entire Bollywood film & music industry is there to romance with!.... "ek SHORSHE NARKOL BATA POMFRET iss karan bhi banta hai"..... if I am not doing justice to some today, I will do it the next day with a dal paratha may be! I respect "relationships" which are not "superfluous" to me.... I am still in a kind of hangover, which I usually have after a musical fiesta ..... and I will go for an easy share today, then dive into music again and more of Bollywood..... like tomorrow we are going for Ajay Devgan's "Raid" and the ill health of Irfan Khan is bothering me.... we cannot afford to lose such top class actors so soon.... I do not usually miss any of his movies! Yesterday, a friend told me at the venue.... S.... your boy is having examinations and you are freaking around?.... I said had he been an obedient son, I would not have.... he is a rebel, so mumma lives her life! Yesterday came the latest blow, the father told me that the son now says he will study political administration and do politics.... Every attempt is made at this home to send me to a mental asylum.... Well.... if the son loves his mother so much in a way.... she can take an ice-bath to destress and cook his favourite pomfret with a very simple but authentic spice mix of garlic, mustard, coconut and green chillies.... It is so common and simple that we do not need to take any stress while doing it. While I do it, may I recommend you a movie?.... Saif's urrf Chote Nawab's "Cocktail" .... it may explain certain real life stories.... no they do not end up Bollywood style... "all good and happy!".... I do not believe in the terms "romantic comedy"..... "no string attached relationships"..... the phrases hurt me till date as the tip of a knife held close.... So, I could not be or cannot be either with people who live their lives in such terms.... Let us live our lives in our own terms. Yes, my readers can blame me for taking life too seriously. I can gift you this fish curry with love for tolerating me, struggle to get viewers for it, admit my apathy towards constructive academics, and construing  life in terms of Bollywood! We had some Cabbage-Potato Sabzi and Bottlegourd-Dal too alongside! Ok, I indeed liked this preparation of pomfret after marinating the fish with lemon juice for one hour to get rid of any odour! The use of red chilli powder, lemon juice and garlic cloves.... all are used to get rid of any smell that a non-pomfret lover like me cannot take!


Pomfret : 5-7 [medium sized]
Shredded Coconut : 1/2 small cup
Mustard Seed : 1tbsp [black or yellow.... black is a tongue teaser]
Nigella Seed : 1/4tsp [kalonji]
Green Chilli : 4-6 [I am always generous, you choose]
Garlic Cloves : 2 [peeled]
Ice Cubes : 2-3 [they say it prevents the paste turning bitter besides salt, its true]
Salt :  As Required
Turmeric Powder : 1/4tsp + 1/3tsp
Lemon Juice : 4tbsp
Red Chilli Powder : 1tsp
Oil : 4-5tbsp [We use mustard oil]


Clean the stomach of the pomfrets, hopefully your fish seller will do it for you! Wash them thoroughly.

Marinate with lemon juice and very little salt. Overdose of salt will totally spoil the taste... they are soft fish without scales.

After an hour, we will drain the marinade and wash them again. Rub with little salt, 1/3rd tsp turmeric powder and 1tsp red chilli powder! Keep aside for 15 minutes.

Wash the mustard seeds through a strainer. Take the washed mustard seeds and green chillies, de skinned and washed garlic cloves, the shredded coconut, little salt and the ice cubes in the grinder! Grind them to a smooth paste. Add little water if required!

Transfer to a bowl and add 1/4tsp turmeric powder!

Heat oil in a wok and fry the fish pieces lightly discarding the water released on marination. Take out.

Temper same oil with nigella seeds. Add the chilli-mustard-coconut paste and stir for  1/2 a minute. Add water to the bowl and then to the wok. Add another bowl thereafter.

When the gravy boils, gently add the fried fish pieces.

Let cook at low heat till the gravy thickens!

At times, our weekend lunch platter is such... a SHORSHE NARKOL BATA POMFRET with steamed rice, a dal and a vegetarian sides.... fritters too....

Friday, 16 March 2018


Stephen Hawking ..... who am I to utter a single word on him? Do I at all have the material in me to do so? ... "podartho bigyaan niye katha bolbo shei podartho ki bhetorey achey?"..... but I am enjoying watching people celebrating his life and work.... So far, so long it is fine.... What worries me is that some are dissecting his personal life .... that too within 24 hours of his death.... they went ahead with dramatic short stories on when he married, who he went off with and again came back.... I really could not digest such insult of the magnanimous persona.... its so irrelevant compared to his contribution to this world.... at least he should not be made a material for a dramatic novel.... a movie was made during his life time it is ok... it must have included his work too .... but a separate note on his love life is totally un welcome! So, when the no more best friend but the near closest one gets back home from office, the  lady screamed.... "yeh kya hai yaar... Stephen Hawking ke niye premer golpo cherey diyechey bazaarey"..... The husband says "cool baby, a celebrity life is always too much, unfortunately a public property".... This lady who sits far from Science and Technology always loved Hawking's take on alien life made easy to her.... haha... a major part of her heart is still that of an eight year old or a fifteen! There is another memory that popped up on the death news day before yesterday! Our monkey was 7-8 years old when the mother noticed that he watches a Stephen Hawking's show, come on Indian television is not only about those indigestible soaps! Obviously the mother's chest will swell like an elephant's feet or say like our gym going big brother from college "buk folano dada".... She made "International Maritime Satellite Call" to the husband .... "Boss our boy is watching a Stephen Hawking Show consistently for sometime and not taking any interest in the Chota Bheem CD mumma got for him! The boss as usual did not show any interest and hung up the phone!"..... Eight years passed, now that boy plays car games in that box and tells his father that one day he will make those Games .... courtesy his 'mamujaan'... my brother .... so no meat share today too! Our boy, the teachers' A* student got 75% in Physics last week while the rest of the class perhaps got 95%! The father does not say anything to his son but shouts at the mother.... "how many times have you watched Three Idiots, you will not take its essence!".... How will I? I do not qualify to be a Kolkata mother anymore is true but I had been one.... even earlier I have witnessed how friendships break because of mothers!.... No, I have no intention to take a dig at the ones for whom we are here on this earth.... if only the then mothers, who claimed themselves to be friends could feel this way...."our kids" and not "my kid" alone.... may be I looked back few decades back while saying so... it still hurts to see your own becoming strangers.... and force you to conclude they were not our own ever! Some ten years back... we were in a little better position than before but still tore off the teachers' hairs for that one or two marks which will not matter later in life! It always feels good to see when my clan use the term "our kids"..... A good criticism, a good cause should always supersede the "me.".... I think  my beliefs will leave me even lonelier in future... yet I cannot love something I do not have faith in! Coming to "me" again, not that I do not weep in stress thinking of the board examination starting this May, yet I have stopped enquiring about the marks obtained by other students of his class, the husband does not allow me to gather much information about what goes on inside the classroom! I only confide in my beautiful friend Piali Maitra .... her daughter is our boy's classmate though they are in different sections.... Her daughter gets frustrated if she gets anything less than 90% while our boy watched television the entire day yesterday which was supposed to be his study leave! No.... no I am not comparing our son to others.... I have watched Three Idiots about five to six times, just that the thought of the son making Car Games  is giving me sleepless nights.... but he is mumma's baby... and she had to make some OATS DRY FRUITS TIL CHIKKI for him and his clan / brethren whatever!

As I said earlier, oats could not be a healthy breakfast or lunch option for me... however I tried, it was helpful too, yet I could not have oats with banana, yogurt or milk! One that does not align with my taste bud cannot be in my palette. I am not in the habit of wasting food either, so I had to make use of them in parathas, idlis and the last batch in this OATS DRY FRUITS TIL CHIKKI! The shameless me could not resist herself from having one! So you know this home could never be a good example of a healthy home! The ice-spice game continues... but I made a Bengali style chicken stew day before yesterday which I enjoyed, which was our boy's staple for few years just like many Indian homes.... chicken stew is considered as a part of a sick man's or kids' diet! Its been three days now I am on a carb diet without any exercise .... this evening I must! I am the creator of an unhealthy home does not mean I do not support what an expert has to say... if one Rujuta Diwekar says microwave cooking is bad for health, there is truth in it... How much I scolded one poor lady for reheating food every night in a skillet and not in the microwave!... Why so?... may be because she does not earn in lakhs, may be because she lives in the extreme suburbs of Kolkata, may be because we are used to negate our own saying "dur tumi kichu janona!" I do not cook much in the microwave, I am that primitive "hata-khunti-korai zindabad types!".... I cook Bengali, I love to share them but not when I am forced to! These chikkis or brittles or energy balls / bombs whatever we call it takes no time to be made and in turn you get to see happy faces around.... The mumma of this house has to prepare and store a variety of food, someone loves "refrigerator hunting".... If I could be strict enough to say no study... no food, then I would have been all smiles to see an 95% overall grade! Anyway, I got the idea of this OATS DRY FRUITS TIL CHIKKI  from so many similar recipes done by the blogger friends or others.... oats energy bars, badam ladoo / chikki, til chikki. You can call this attempt of mine as a stepping stone towards gathering some courage to prepare "til er khaja or til er naru".... not an easy task I must tell you... the right amount of jaggery, its cooking has to tally with the amount of sesame seed used... then only we get crisp, light and not sticky til er khaja or breaking the teeth tiler naru! Well, I am not a master chef... so there has to be a trial and error method for me.... Not a bad home cook either, if one friend says the Bengali style achar was yum and the other got me into tears saying S, my grandma made "chalter achar" decades back just this way.... you got me the lost taste.... I should be happy... Just when I was about to tell her... ok tell your friends... if they wish I can supply.... the husband anticipates and roars... do you want me to lose my work permit... you know the rules here! He however did not have a problem when I worked here in a concern.... only if I had the patience to continue! Ok fine... I will cook and then eat it too! This OATS DRY FRUITS TIL CHIKKI is made using jaggery, pistachio, cashew nut, raisin, almond, cardamom powder and yes lemon juice! Do not laugh, try it you will like...


Oats : 1medium cup
Sesame seed : 1/2medium cup
Dry Fruits : 1small cup [includes raisins, pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds]
Grated Jaggery : 1/3small cup
Lemon Juice : 3-4tbsp
Green Cardamom Powder : 1/2tsp
Water : 1coffee mug
Chopped Pistachio or Saffron Strands to garnish!


Dry toast the sesame seeds in a hot wok and keep aside in a bowl....

Take the pistachios, cashew nuts and almonds in a bowl.

Microwave at low heat for a minute pausing and stirring it at an interval of 30 seconds!

Transfer the mixed nuts to a mortar and pestle and just half break roughly... you can use a rolling pin for this purpose!

Heat a wok... add the grated jaggery and 1 coffee mug water.

Bring it to boil, throw away the scum if you see any! No I could not translate.... "moila fyana ta alga korey tulle feley ditey hobey!"

Add the lemon juice and the green cardamom powder, stir and continue to cook till the mixture gets sticky. This may take 7-10 minutes at low to medium heat! Add the mixed nuts, raisins, oats and the toasted sesame seeds!

Fold in well immediately and stir continuously for 2-3 minutes at medium heat!

Transfer to a plate and let cool! You cannot allow the palms to burn.... they might be a poet's imagination.... I meant both here! Do not tell me boys cannot make laddoos... not all are like my men.... the world renowned chefs are male too!

Once cool.... take out small portions and shape as you wish!

Garnish with zafran or chopped pista! Enjoy having and sharing it too!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Had he been alive, they would have completed 48 years together on this earth yesterday.... yes, I am talking about "our father"..... a mind as broad.... a heart as big.... as of whom I do not know.... If his daughter-in-law says he never made her cry behind the closed doors.... there is truth in what I say.... No, I am not jealous of her .... not much to complain about life when a husband does take his "pata kuruni" wife for a "chalta" ... that is elephant apple picking session ... and she gets a packet full of, prepares a dal, a pickle with it.... She was also thinking how to take this issue to the ministry level of this island.... please do not let them waste.... use in fish curries... that can be a summer soothing dish... Below  pictures say it all ..... but not all days are same or suitable for a "chalta" r dal share .... even if my parents sweared by it... The daddy was fond of pickles, not dals and the mother made big jars of it! Why not a pickle share today? I am not bound to give answer to all "whys".... A year makes you a little wiser... you know.... and you learn with experience... not to cross boundaries. Today, had to be a "cake day".... Our parents loved the plain and simple cakes their daughter made decades back.... believe me or not... I was not such a horrid baker then as of now... By the way, I am done with the pickle and it is packed in the husband's lunch box too.... sent to few friends' home.... More than half of the credit goes to our Cristine, who did cut all of them.... though this is not exactly the shape our mother cuts it ... but you all know by now that I am not a perfectionist like the mother.

Anyway, besides baking a SEMOLINA & DRY FRUIT CAKE, I was cooking "chalta" r dal, "aloo chokha" to go with some climbing perch fish curry / koi macher jhol and you bet I did not get that authentic taste that fish should have as anticipated earlier!..... They were very fresh indeed but you will not want "koi maach" to taste like " tilapia".... right?.... Yet I will blog on it sometime later.... I do not know why my readers do not have much trust on me when it comes to fish, is it just the way butter is synonymous to Amul to us?.... I travel five metro stations to get one! That proves I am a desi at heart, but anyone who wishes me to ignore this island... I will not spare.... Saying so, I will repeat I have no expectations from strangers .... my notion is that our country of birth and our country of stay are our love ... rest are "bahargaons"..... Yes, you have met the most self-centric person on earth.... but she learnt to embrace different cultures to some extent in the last few years.... She does have olong tea, cheese cake and stuffed bitter gourd with roti with same amount of love!.... It was all carb and fat the last two days and today's lunch has to be fruits & paneer salad!

If only eating and weight gain were not conjoint twins! A big sigh and then again I start eating... haha... no no I think and wonder and ponder too... what else can a worthless  person do? I was wondering why life could not be a little easier? I mean as easy as posting a picture  with full make up on and a caption... "I stand for womens' pride and rights!"... Wish women got salvation with such "biplobi" captions! We have to post a picture, we will.... why the need of such captions as if it is a new year or valentine's day celebration? I so much loved that unknown woman's write up that Day.... was it something similar to my stand on such issues? Who gave the corporate houses the right to commercialise an issue as serious as gender equality, using it as a pawn to boost their sales? The armchair socialist me then take a bite on the cheese cake, in the same style as of a first kiss... You see today I cannot go nasty further... I have to maintain certain amount of sanctity.... why?.... May be on this DATE, I feel that we must learn to keep ourselves above petty quarrels and interests and learn to give.... I meant may be on such days, I pay attention to what our Paa taught us! So, after a sip of the olong tea, I again start thinking, how good it would have been if instead of clicking and sharing the swelling feet of the farmers.... we could buy them some medicines and strategise ways for a betterment.... During the rule of the earlier governments.... was their plight better?.... Saying so I do not declare to join the saffron brigade.... I will never.... No, I am not a great something either.... I am in a fear that people will soon ask me "didi, apni ki koren?".... What do you do actually? .... My chest fluffs up in pride "I am a 'social media' activist!".... While you imagine the reaction of the ones who questioned me, I plan the steps of this SEMOLINA & DRY FRUIT CAKE!

I had for long the wish to prepare a Basbousa... the Middle Eastern cake / dessert whatever you call it! I have not yet.... Before taking the hassle of preparing a cinnamon syrup or orange blossom or rose water syrup, I am just trying to get back a little of that confidence in baking first trying my hands on simple, easy bakes! I prepared this SEMOLINA & DRY FRUIT CAKE a month ago and decided I will blog on it today.... the 14th of March, 2018.... The daddy will always be with us... It is because a 13th March happened... that we we siblings are enjoying life! My heart does beat for a "Saraswati, Rizia Mashi, Cristine, Chotu, Raja".... but a "chalter dal" for them later... not today.... I have always made it clear in public that I am self-centric and my parents, siblings.... my family, my own comes first to me... then the rest.... Progress of human kind gets difficult because majority on this Earth are like me! Since this picture was taken a month back and I knew I will blog on it today, I went ahead with not much satisfaction with the pictures.... but I swear by the taste of it! The preparation time was less, it was flourless, a bit on the heavier side rather than been fluffy and we loved it as a family... I prepared it again day before yesterday! This time mixed together the dry fruits too instead of topping the cake with them...

This easy and simple cake requires very few ingredients to be done like semolina / suji, plain yogurt, condensed milk, milk, vinegar, dry fruits ..... takes hardly 1 hour from start to finish and you can do some planks and push ups in between.... What else do you want? Come, do not think much, let us do it and enjoy with cups of tea or coffee!

I do have few other cake recipes on the blog, if you may wish to check... just click on the headings!




Semolina / Suji : 1coffee mug
Plain Yogurt : 1medium cup
Condensed Milk : 1/2medium cup
Sugar : 1/4 to 1/2 small cup
Milk : 1/2medium cup
Baking Powder : 1/2 to 1/3tsp
Vinegar : 1tsp
Lemon Jest : 11/2tbsp
Oil : 1medium cup
Chopped Pistachios, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Raisins, Walnuts to top the batter!


Take the semolina and baking powder in a bowl and mix well, you can seive them too!
If I try to get too particular, I fail! Set me free, if you force or try to bind me in a particular frame or group... I will fly never to come back!

In the mixer grinder, take the plain yogurt, condensed milk, sugar, oil, vinegar and milk. Pulse for 2 minutes with intervals. Add the paste to the semolina mixture.

Keep beating with a table spoon for not more than 4-5 minutes. Add the lemon jest and stir. I love natural flavours.

If you think I do not have electric beaters, or cake tins.... you are wrong! I prefer ways that gives me less stress. You must remember I am not doing Hilsa curry but a cake... the thought gets a cold wave go down the spine. Oh, my English is so good na?.... it brings tears to my eyes when I fail to translate... "mamoni, chalta r buk ta patla korey charabi"..... "chalta ta cheche nish".....

Anyway, preheat oven at 180*C. Pour the batter in a cake tin, I prefer aluminium foils! Top with the chopped dry fruits / nuts, press a bit!

I use convection method of microwaves for baking.... so I will place the low rack inside and then keep the cake tin atop.

Bake for 40 minutes at 180*C! Its done! Rest for sometime and take out.

We will now have a wonderful family time with the SEMOLINA & DRY FRUIT CAKE with cups of tea and coffee!

Sunday, 11 March 2018


So, if you think a coconut tree has spread its roots inside the stomach... you may not be so wrong... even I have started thinking so. In our childhood we did have it but not so much, the now old lady never had to buy one.... from coconut to mangoes to jackfruit all came from her "baaper bari".... parental home. Later when our Paa planted one in his garden and it started giving fruit ..... the mother mercilessly got it cut, why? She felt or someone said that the roots were going deep and spreading which would cause damage to the house.... I so much opposed saying why did not you ask an expert first? The truth is she prefers flowering plants while I liked the way the grandfather grew fruits and vegetables! Now the mother too buys coconut and me too! The only difference is that I get it ready made in shredded form while the mother has to go for a longer process. No, she is not the kind who will buy a frozen packet from Spencer! Why she buys now? Have her brothers cut off all of the 13 coconut trees? No.... the world has gone ahead a lot, life is different now... got busier.... her brothers are above sixty too .... Up to here it is ok... what concerns me is the loosening of bonds.... that should not be! When I see strong sibling bonds around, I love it... and love the facilitators who do not come in the way of this bond getting stronger... in this case the facilitators are one's husband or wife.... say my husband or my brother's wife or someone far there.... but not me... I am kind of possessive! The crazy matchmakers in social media must know a matching dress or make ups does not make two people similar to each other... they are not! I always had the feel, a single child does not learn to share.... thats what I told the husband. In most cases, the parents are responsible when they praise too much of their kids in front of them, thinks their daughter or son are the most beautiful or handsome and fail to give them the necessary lessons of life.... and later in life fail to control if they go stray.... Such people live in a fool's paradise construing themselves to be a false queen or king.... Who will you find around them?..... very less friends but more of "moshahebs".... who falsely flatter them and call names in absence!.... This kind of people are more than happy with such manipulative praises .... I am not the one who will associate herself with such things.... When it comes to kids, I know I will be appreciative of other kids but my son comes first to me.... I do not show it to him often.... the reason why he complains to his teachers about me... haha! To those facilitators who contribute towards strengthening sibling or parental bond .... you are way better than me who worked hard "owning" her husband's mind... not making him disown his own either! Our paa made the wisest decision in life while selecting the bride for his son.... I am saying so not because she gifted me a diamond ring but because she made it possible for our paa to leave this world peacefully and our mother  live like a queen. Our mother with terrible complaining habit cannot accuse that much except for.... B does not take shower before entering the kitchen.... B comes home late.... No, this B does not freak around with her boyfriend.... After school... the Delhi Public School bus drops her at her parental home... where she cooks and do cleaning for her ailing parents, somedays take tuition, some days freaks out with the colleagues... and spends hours in a beauty parlour too.... So long she queues up in front of a "fuchka stall" or "Golbarir Koshamangsho" for my brother and spends from her pocket to get a better quality insulin for our mother or takes her to the best doctors.... I will not interfere.... she got very good parenting and the generous, old couple deserves a bit of care.... if only the two sisters could be little strict about their writer father's diet chart.... for his own good! No, the above lines do not mean I am aspiring for a diamond ear stud from her now.... I never could ask my parents what I wished for on my marriage.... only the husband I do not spare!... I am not sellable .... thats what I meant! To those unknown facilitators who help restore peace and love between siblings... you are doing a good job... kisses... but virtually.... one who is thrown off and the one who is hugged tight cannot be best of friends .... one has to have that much love for one's self! To those who got very fond of my brother of late.... you must know we had a big fight in the social media yesterday.... Yes, I never did allow him to take decisions of his own.... I think I made a good life for him doing so.... else his queen mother would have been in trouble... If he cannot be gentle enough in public, he has to eat BHAJA MOSHLA NARKOL KORA DIYE DIM.... he does eat egg these days.... but only curries and omelette.... Mothers of kids... do not force your child to eat something they do not wish to.... our mother did this mistake! Accha ok!... I tried chicken kacchi biryani yesterday evening for the first time... the taste was ok and the rice grain broke while servings.... but the son had double rice than usual... sent a plateful virtually for the naughty brother too! I am unlikely to blog on it unless it tastes perfect and every single grain remain in tact. Yes, we should work tirelessly towards seeking trust from our readers!

I like it or not, eggs are a regular at this home.... the husbands are a thing of adulation.... more so if you have a "hidden agenda"..... Let me clarify.... Take a look.... what I got at the Asian store on Friday..... that made me sing... "khalbali, khalbali.... chulbuli.... chulbuli".... Yes live show of "koi maach"..... climbing perch..... and Apa had to buy some.... Though I had to freeze it on Friday night.... we are supposed to eat cat fish varieties and this one fresh.... The hand of the person you see told me.... you do not have to buy "chalta" / elephant apple... go to the F1 car parking at East Coast Park .... there are two trees full of.... lets see if I can pester the husband for an unromantic, short drive this afternoon.... my "hidden agenda".... for today!

Once I finish this post, I will message Paramita Ghosal about it.... not all are like us! It hurts to see my clan around not cooking authentic Bengali dishes.... some of them do not even know what combination goes for a "chyachra" and what goes in for "labra".... but they can also question me do you know how to earn a penny? Lets leave it at that and share with you something I love.... "sheem-begun diye shutki maach"..... hyacinth beans... eggplants with dried bombay duck.... I so much wished to share two recipes with fresh bombay duck today... oh God why did I have to make friends from so many communities around?

By the way, think before you keep in touch with me, my favourite breakfast is "bashi porota o cha"..... stale paratha with tea!

Off course, there will be a very common recipe of climbing perch soon.... if only its taste satisfy me this afternoon.... I have a feeling this did not come from either side of Bengal but are bred ones from the neighbouring countries.... This fish should not be eaten such giant sized... the really good ones are caught from "khalbill".... shallow, muddy water.... Does my cousin at Boston think the same way as her "Bordibhai".... she uploads pictures of Radhaballavi she makes means... she does not deny altogether her roots... Her maternal grandmother prepared flawless "patishapta" and the grandfather grew watermelons in his garden who lived in a thatched roof home in the interiors of Kalyani.... the visiting gang of us were served fresh and hot food.... and freshly cooked fish caught from their pond .... Yes, I watched Big Bacchan's Hum Panch in their neighbourhood cinema hall made with bamboo fence and gunny bag... haha.... Hello my readers.... what are your thoughts and dreams like?.... I am shrouded with such memories these days! I have a message to all my cousins far and near.... from Boston wali to Assam & Pune walas to my neighbourhood ones in Kolkata .... we may not meet as often... but do not let the roots to loosen... let the bond be there.... Now what is the connection of all these with your food share.... BHAJA MOSHLA NARKOL KORA DIYE DIM?.... even I cannot explain... I lack good vocabulary.... or you may have to think like me to know me! What I know is I did not use any spice paste for this recipe .... some dry roasted, freshly ground spices, shredded coconut, minced garlic and chopped green chillies. It goes very well with both roti / paratha and rice.... now do not deserve pictures taken on Saturday noon with paratha / poori... its a mad, wild day for me! Let us wrap up now.... I need to venture out for "chalta".... My husband is not as good as Paramita Ghosal's husband Sanjib.... of late that wonderful human being stopped putting a like on B. Basu's pictures.... what a relief!.... Did the world roar echoing my hubby... why the hell people have to be like you... idiot?.... No, I will not counter the husband now.... there is no chauffeur better than a husband! Lets come to the point! What it there in another bowl?.... "kechki maacher chocchori"... Indian River Sprat with onion and green chillies.... I will have half amount of the bowl... be sure! Well, you may or may not use fried potatoes in this egg dish!

Egg : 5-7 [boiled, de shelled]
Shredded Coconut : 1small cup
Sliced Onion : 1small cup
Minced Garlic : 1tbsp
Chopped Green Chilli : 1-2tsp
Cinnamon Stick : 2one inch length
Green Cardamom : 2
Clove : 3-4
Cumin Seed : 1tsp + 1/4tsp
Coriander Seed : 1tsp
Dry Red Chilli : 3-4
Bay Leaf : 1
Turmeric Powder : 1tsp
Lemon Juice : 2tbsp
Salt : As Required
Ghee : 4tbsp [clarified butter]


Wash the boiled and de shelled eggs again in water, pat dry! Apply half of the turmeric powder and some salt, rub well.

Dry roast the cinnamon sticks, green cardamoms, cloves, coriander seeds, 1tsp cumin seeds and dry red chillies and dry grind to a coarse powder once cool.

Heat ghee in a wok and lightly fry the marinated eggs, take out. Temper ghee with 1/4tsp cumin seeds and a bay leaf! Add the minced garlic and the chopped green chillies. Stir for 1/2 a minute!

Add the slices onions and fry till golden brown..... add the shredded coconut and fry till crisp and brown... have patience.... the water will evaporate!

Add the dry ground spices and fold in well. Stir for 1/2 a minute and gradually add 1/2 cup of water as you stir. Add the fried eggs and slow cook till the water dries. Add the lemon juice evenly.

Enjoy with rice or South Asian Breads.... with some salad alongside! If you are my kind, you will definitely have some "kechki macher chocchori" too!.... I will not recommend toasted bread with it!

Thursday, 8 March 2018


This is something I thought I will never blog on, there are already so many shares on it around!... You believe it or not.... I am having it ever since I was in school.... the mother might have learnt it from someone else.... may be from another parent or from a neighbourhood aunty! No, I have never seen our mother to call someone a friend.... till date I could not convince her that one should have everything in life.... in right balance! Balance is a winning word truly. Later in life, I occasionally tried this PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA in my kitchen .... That lady always used to do it with eggs.... I skipped because I wished to keep it vegetarian. In the process, I had to really think hard about the batter... pakora needs to remain crisp for a longer period. I do not like soggy pakoras served cold. I remember.... both of us siblings were made to sit on the dining chairs.... if it was a fry-day.... they were done at that moment and served hot immediately! In case of roti.... they were served one by one on plate... I should not have talked about such women on a big Day as today.... they are definitely not a good example of feminism. I wish to focus on another point! .... Its about a year now that our mother's man left this world but she still has to complain that her husband had never been appreciative of the amount of effort she gave in the family.... Had he been alive.... they would have completed 48 years together next week. I can totally understand her point..... but did not we learn in Economics that a father-daughter shares a special bond? So, the daughter said my father is the best and hung up the phone yesterday night! Then I felt guilty..... it is not wrong on a woman's part to seek appreciation from her man.... specially if she is doing so much for the family. Our father indeed had a golden heart but supported every other person in the world except for his spouse.... Here too there is a point.... his spouse expected him to change over to fresh clothes each time he entered the toilet in a day! What is the issue here?.... Compatibility.... which our society hardly takes care of while planning a marriage!..... Both need to give up something to be called a compatible pair! Anyway, we have a mother who loves to be appreciated.... there is nothing wrong in it.... silly is thinking of herself and her mother the best... in all matters!... The first five years of my life was spent on my grandmother's lap.... yet at 47, I feel thinking this way is wrong.... I will not negate it either.... What I can do is share few more excellent creations of her with you all!.... She will feel good though I said grow some vegetables this season.... she agreed! Look at the pictures.... showing off is not so good always.... several times I told her not to keep the floral pots on top of the terrace wall .... its dangerous.... you may get booked for it! Who on earth listens to me!

After sharing her beauties, I feel less guilty now .... ok henceforth I will do less hammering of her! Even I love to be appreciated but the husband is half like our father..... but I do not care much because the other half is like his own father ... So I go for walks, click and have three more PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA with coffee this morning.... done with egg and cornflour.... that is how our mother used to do! Just add an egg, cornflour, chopped onion and green chilli, salt to the boiled noodles and fry in hot oil!

Well, why I had to go for a vegetarian version? To open a pakora shop is not a bad idea.... given I do not know how to make an excel sheet till date!.... I hope this does not get me the tag of saffron skinned.... I cannot be that but I love my brother too much ... the entire family love fries and fritters.... and the little statistics I know revolves around my targetted readers.... With new FaceBook rules.... a struggling food blogger like me is having a harrowing time! Its almost time for Bengali New Year.... and my profile picture shows of an X-mas tree!....... you should be able to feel my concern!.... I need to change it soon! You see I have to do some cover ups for the pakora fed body... haha!..... and I have decided I will not renew the subscription of a specialised gym but use the gym and swimming pool of our Condo! Having 6-7 pakoras within 12 hours and spending dollars on gym does not sound wise!

What was my area of concern on this day.... Compatibility of minds! Ok, on eve of Women's Day I do write a mail to one lady! I do call her and write to her at regular intervals.... scold her too for abandoning every single pleasure of life... why?... see S, he loved this, he loved that! I counter saying you do not stop living for that! To me.... they were a compatible couple... more or less... felt for each other! What do women want from their partner?... few soft words and yes, submission in the home front ....! I send her my selfies.... see the fine lines on my forehead.... the under eye bags, the white streaks! She says or writes back.... S... looks does not matter.... I laugh at that and whisper.... you at 45 and now at 70 are not the same person ..... but I can feel the mother in you... I am a mother to a boy and a big sister to a little brother! Had there been no word called protocol... you and me would have gone out on a tour at least once in this lifetime... I know I am not supposed to or cannot for greater good or interest! I ask instead ... how are your "chanaponas" doing? Its been 6 years now I got the last update on the number of cars one has!.... and I could not find a single mutton picture in Google photo album to be shared today.... I got no other information on the length-breadth of that person's bank balance or property after I said we live in a rented flat and do not own a car!.... That snobby nose since childhood got snobbier I presume and I really did not wish to get people severe cardiac arrest on knowing that finally a year back we both managed a license and a nine year old, second hand four wheeler which I still cannot manage alone.... Ipsita or the husband has to sit beside while I struggle with that "gol chakti".... anything that requires concentration is not my forte! If I have already said it.... then people close, closer, closest should share some herbed baked salmon with salsa, cake topped with white cream and berry compote, tiranga sandwich ..... while I stick to this PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA ..... No, I am not trying to impress people who I stopped considering my friend long back either ..... In general... this blog remains to be a low cost food fare.... given a part of my extended family still lives in thatched-roofed homes.... millions in my country of birth cannot afford that much either! Please do not get irritated if I update my profile picture on a tusser saree tomorrow ... I am thousands of miles far from a Medha Patker or an Arundhati Roy.... by all means! Anyway, let us come back to something I am fairly good at.... desi cooking... This vegetarian fry PEYAZ NOODLES PAKODA requires few ingredients like gram flour, rice flour, refined flour, onion, green chillies and cooked noodles! By the way... Bongs or Indians of this island, if you are reading this post... "elephant apple urrf chalta" has arrived in the Asian stores.... if I get some tomorrow... you get to see some shares too soon.... I think I will drop the idea of sharing that winter dal as of now as the vegetables used are not available in India... March onwards!

You may wish to take a look at few of my other shares! Just click on the headings!



Noodle : 3-4small packet
Onion : 1medium[peel, wash, discard the two ends, chop]
Green Chilli : 2[washed, chopped]
Gram Flour : 1/2small cup
Rice Flour : 1/3small cup
Refined Flour : 1/4small cup
Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
Aamchur Powder : 1tsp[dry mango powder}
Chaat Masala : To sprinkle on the pakoras
Salt : As Required
Oil : 100-150ml to deep fry + few drops
Chaat Masala : To Sprinkle atop the pakoras....


Boil 2 coffee mugs of water in a vessel adding little salt and few drops of oil!

Once it has boiled for 2-3 minutes, switch off gas! Add the noodles.... breaking into halves. Soak for another 2-3 minutes.

Strain and discard the water and keep the noodles that way for 5 minutes.

The chopped onion and green chillies are ready too!

Prepare a batter with the three flours, turmeric and aamchur powder, salt. Add water little by little to form a paste like consistency. Add the chopped onion and green chillies and mix well!

Now add the cooked noodles to the batter and fold in well!

Heat oil in a wok, fry pakoras in your choice of shapes and sizes!

Once brown on both sides, keep on tissue papers for sometime before serving... We enjoyed PEYAZ NOODLES PAKORA with some mayo, mint-tamarind chutney and salad.... choose yours! Oh.... do not forget to sprinkle chaat masala atop before having!