Sunday, 3 April 2016


Mango.... for us it is the king of all fruits. One reason for tolerating the scorching heat of summer is off course the availability of mango in abundance. Talking about India, specifically of West Bengal, such a wide variety of mangoes grow. Most of the supply comes from North Bengal. My parental house had two, now one mango tree that bore enough mangoes to have to heart's content and distribute among neighbours. Back home... almost every home in the outskirts of the city and in the interiors has at least one mango tree. May be the high rise and condo culture will rob off that pleasure in near future... With age, my liking on various things are changing. Once living in a flat seemed to me the most comfortable n secured thing. Now I feel after going back how good it would be to have a landed property n stay amidst green. The wiser man at home says stop been silly, at age 60 would you be able to look after your garden? Who will make him understand I have started hating any kind of crowd all over again. Though knowing each other for over 3 decades, he knows his lady loves solitude, always. At this stage of life, she thinks she does not require to compromise on her happiness. Unnecessary talks, back bitings, impolite people are driving her crazy.

Mango had been an all time favourite for both of her families. Any Bengali or at large Indian family love mangoes, raw or ripe. My mom used to make few things with mangoes... pickles, jelly, kheer or eating it just like that. Back from school, putting a thick layer of mom made mango jelly atop a cream cracker biscuit and sitting with a story book was my greatest pleasure. Ice creams were never made at home. It was always store bought. Of the mango ice creams I had, Amul's Alphonso Mango was an absolute favourite. For me too, this was the first successful attempt on ice cream. I wished to do a little bit of experimentation with it, hence incorporated fresh mint leaves in it. The Mango n fresh mint ice cream had all the sweetness of a mango with a hint of refreshening mint. Let us prepare this no churn, yum Mango n Fresh Mint Ice cream in few easy steps.

Ripe Mangoes : 2
Fresh Mint Leaves : 8-10
Condensed Milk : 100 ml
Fresh Cream : 170 ml[I used Nestle]
Sugar : 1tbsp
Milk : 1/2 medium cup[use if required]
Yellow food colour : 2pinches[optional] I used Thai Honey Mango which are light yellow in colour, so required.

Wash and peel the mangoes. Take out the pulp and put in a grinder. Wash the fresh mint leaves.

Add all the ingredients except the milk and the fresh mint leaves. Grind for 1-2 minutes at intervals.

Open cover, add the milk if the paste is too thick. Add the food colour. Grind again.

Pour into a container and freeze for 2 hours.

Take out, leave for 4-5 minutes and pour it in to the grinder again. Grind for 2-3 minutes at intervals, add the mint leaves.

Now just grind it for 30 seconds, the mint leaves should remain a little coarse.

Pour in to the container, freeze overnight. Take out, keep it standing for 2-3 minutes before serving with a topping of your choice.


  1. I am in love with the recipe. Interesting and delicious!

  2. I think fresh mint leaves are going to add extra refreshing flavour

  3. Looks so inviting...such a yummilicious share dear Soma :)

  4. Honestly, I am not sure if anyone can resist mangoes. This is a lovely refreshing treat. Yum.

  5. I tried mango ice cream OR i can say I make mango ice cream in every summer but never tried mint into that yet.. So refreshing flavor combo

    1. Thank you.... it truly was...we too loved it...

  6. Looks yummy. Perfect for the weather. Infact i was googling an icecream recipe.

  7. Mango ice cream is one of my favorite, Looks deliciously refreshing! I could eat that entire serving all by myself.

  8. Mango mint ice-cream? Wow! I so wish to grab that refreshing looking delicious and gorgeous bowl right away!

  9. Mango is my most fav fruit and in an ice cream.. who can resist that:)..superb post:)

  10. yummy ice cream recipe with mango..looks delicious!